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Antivenom Details
Antivenom Name: Death Adder Antivenom
Antivenom Type: Snake (SN)
Immunisation Host: Horse serum
Product Description: Salt precipitated, pepsin digested.
Liquid final product 22.4 to 25.3 ml.
6000 units / ampoule.
Dialysed and ultra-filtered to a final concentration of 170 g / l protein.
1 unit antivenom neutralizes 0.01 mg venom in vitro.
Source Species: Acanthophis antarcticus
(NOTE: Due to changes in manufacturing processes at CSL, this antivenom is currently derived from full polyvalent sera; that is horses immunised with the following venoms; Acanthophis antarcticus, Notechis scutatus, Oxyuranus scutellatus, Pseudechis australis, Pseudonaja textilis. Each vial will contain the appropriate listed neutralising capacity against the listed genus/species, but neutralising capacity against other, non-listed genera/species will vary from batch to batch, therefore this antivenom should not be used as an alternative to full labelled "Polyvalent" snake antivenom.)
Coverage Species: Acanthophis antarcticus, Acanthophis pyrrhus , Acanthophis praelongus, possibly other Acanthophis spp.
Storage ( Type ): Liquid antivenom; refrigerate at 2-6C. Note that there is evidence that CSL liquid antivenoms are quite heat stable and do not lose significant activity if storage temperatures exceed those recommended for a period of several hours.
Administration Route: i.v.
Volume: 24 - 26 ml ( approx. )
Initial Dose ( Mnfr ): 1 vial
Recommended Dose: 1 vial. Higher doses may be required in severe cases, but be aware that some death adders have presynaptic neurotoxins in their venom, causing paralysis that will not be reversed by anticholinesterase or antivenom. If in doubt, because of poor response to antivenom in trying to reverse paralysis, consider a Tensilon test. If negative further antivenom may not be appropriate.
Local Cost: AUD $1014.65 ex GST / 6,000 units (2011).
Storage Life: 3 years, Expiry date noted on vial.
Languages on Label: English
Antivenom Manufacturer
Manufacturer: CSL Limited
Address: 45 Poplar Road
Victoria 3052
Country: Australia
Phone: ++61-3-9389-1911
Toll free: 1800 642 865
Fax: ++61-3-9389-1160
Telex: AA32789
Web Site:
Status: Active manufacturer & supplier
Contact: Helena Sfelagis, Melinda Lun
Medical Advisors
45 Poplar Rd, Parkville, VIC 3052
Ph: (+61) 1800-642 865

For information on sales, availability of CSL antivenoms, contact:
Claire Prowse,
IH Technical Manager - South,
CSL Biotherapies - Immunohaematology,
Ph: (+61) 03-9389 1674
Fax: (+61) 03-9389 1646
Medical Expert: Prof. Julian White
Head of Toxinology Department
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Street, North Adelaide,
SA 5006
Ph: (+61) 08-8161 7436; Fax: (+61) 08-8161 8024
mobile: (+61) 0419-825 029
Number of AV: 11
AV Code Nos.: MAuCSL01 ; MAuCSL02 ; MAuCSL03
IAuCSL04 ; IAuCSL05 ; SAuCSL07 ; SAuCSL08 ; SAuCSL09 ; SAuCSL10 ; SAuCSL11 ; SAuCSL12
Antivenoms made by this company: Box jellyfish antivenom (Sheep) [Chironex fleckeri , Chiropsalmus quadrigatus]

Stonefish antivenom (Horse) [Synanceja trachynis , Synanceja species]

Sea snake antivenom (Horse) [Notechis scutatus , Enhydrina schistosa , Aipysurus laevis , Astrotia stokesii , Hydrophis species , Laticauda laticaudata , Laticauda semifasciata , Lapemis hardwickii , Hydrophis gracilis , Pelamis platurus , Thalassophina viperina. Also covers Austrelaps superbus , Pseudechis porphyriacus , Tropidechis carinatus.]

Funnel-web spider antivenom (Horse) [Atrax robustus , Atrax species , Hadronyche species]

Red-backed spider antivenom (Horse) [Latrodectus hasselti , Latrodectus species.]

Death Adder Antivenom (Horse) [Acanthophis antarcticus, Acanthophis pyrrhus , Acanthophis praelongus]

Taipan Antivenom (Horse) [Oxyuranus microlepidota , Acanthophis antarcticus , Pseudechis australis , Notechis scutatus , Pseudonaja textilis , Oxyuranus scutellatus]

Black Snake Antivenom (Horse) [Pseudechis australis , Pseudechis colletti , Pseudechis guttatus , Pseudechis porphyriacus]

Tiger Snake Antivenom ( Horse) [Austrelaps superba , Austrelaps ramsayi , Notechis ater , Notechis scutatus , Pseudechis colletti , Pseudechis guttatus , Pseudechis porphyriacus , Tropidechis carinatus]

Brown Snake Antivenom (Horse) [Pseudonaja affinis , Pseudonaja nuchalis , Pseudonaja textilis]

Polyvalent Snake Antivenom ( Australia - New Guinea ) (Horse) [Acanthophis antarcticus, Austrelaps superba , Notechis scutatus , Oxyuranus microlepidotis , Oxyuranus scutellatus , Pseudechis papuanus, Pseudechis australis , Pseudonaja affinis , Pseudonaja nuchalis , Pseudonaja textilis]