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  Mushroom Terms Glossary
Mushroom Terms Glossary

Adnate- lamellae or tubes broadly attached to the stipe.

Adnexed- lamellae partially attached to the stipe.

Amyloid- stained blue by iodine.

Annulus- the ring shaped veil remnant on a mushroom stalk.

Apiculus- a projection at the base of the basidiospores where the spore is attached to the sterigmata, also referred to as the hilar appendage.

Appressed- pressed closely or fitting closely to something.

Basidia- it is the structure on which the sexual spores are borne.

Bulbous- bulb like or having a swelling at the base of the stipe.

Campalanate/campanulate- bell shaped.

Clamp connection- a loop like structure located at the septa of the hyphae.

Clavate- club shaped or having one end thickened.

Concolorous- same colour throughout.

Conifer- a tree with needles or scales such as pine; also called an evergreen.

Convoluted- coiled up to form a twisted shape.

Cortina- a cobweb like partial veil of some mushrooms.

Costate- ribbed.

Crenate- scalloped.

Cuticle-outer skin or layer of the mushroom stipe or pileus.

Decurrent- extending down the stipe of a mushroom.

Decurve (incurve)- bent downwards.

Eccentric- a stipe not attached in the center of the cap.

Ellipsoidal- bilaterally symmetrical with curved sides and rounded ends.

Evanescent- appearing briefly then vanishing.

Farinaceous- covered with mealy flour like particles; also smelling or tasting like fresh flour.

Fibril- minute hair.

Fibrillose- covered with silky fibers.

Fissured- a long narrow opening, a crack or a cleft.

Floccose- covered with tufts of soft cottony hair.

Flocculose- fine cottony.

Furcate- forked.

Fusiform- tapering at one or both ends; spindle shaped.

Glabrous- lacking hairs, warts or scales.

Globose- round.

Glutinous- (the layer on cap or stalk) slimy; in wet weather sometimes oozing or hanging from the margin of the cap 

Gregarious- a number of fruiting bodies growing in groups.

Hardwood- tree with broad leaves eg. Elm, maple or birch.

Hemispherical- having the form of half a sphere.

Hyaline- glassy or transparent.

Hygrophanous- transparent when wet and opaque when dry.

Hymenium- spore bearing surface such as the gills of a mushroom, pores of boletes, head of morels.

Hyphae- one or more fungal cells, collectively called as a mycelium.

Intervenose- veined in the interspaces.

Lamellae- one of the radiating vertical plates on the underside of the cap of an agaric mushroom; also called gills.

Latex- a variously colored juice; present in Lactarius tissue.

Marginate- having a border or edge with a distinct color or pattern.

Mealy- smelling of fresh grain or having a granular appearance.

Membranous- skin like tissue making up the partial veil of some mushrooms.

Mycellium- collective name for the filaments of the vegetative fungus plant.

Obliquely- slanting to a side, diverging from a given straight line.

Ovoid- egg shaped.

Partial veil- a covering that extends from the unopened margin of the mushroom cap to the stalk.

Pileus- the horizontal portion of a mushroom, bearing gills or tubes on the underside.

Plane- having a flat surface.

Pruinose- covered with a fine powder.

Reticulate- shallow, net like ridges;  a series of connected ridges.

Reticulum- is a net like arrangement over the surface of the stipe, pileus or spore.

Rhizomorph- a dense mass of hyphae forming a root like structure.

Septum- cross wall in a fungus cell.

Sinuate-  (of gills) notched at the stalk.

Squamules- small scales.

Sterigmata- a small stalk that bears a spores.

Stipe- the stalk or stem supporting the pileus of the mushroom.

Striate- striped, grooved or ridged.

Sulcate- having narrow deep furrows or grooves.

Superior- situated near the top part.

Tapering- a gradual decrease in thickness or width of an elongated object.

Tenacious- adhesive or sticky.

Terete- cylindrical or slightly tapering.

Tomentose- densely hairy, wooly.

Umbo- a blunt or rounded central swelling (on top of a pileus).

Umbonate- with an umbo.

Universal veil- a tissue surrounding the developing mushroom button.

Vinaceous- colour of red vine.

Viscid- covered by a sticky substance. 

Volva- cuplike structure around the base of the stalk of certain mushrooms.

Warts- unattached pieces of the universal veil that remains on the cap of some mushrooms; a type of ornamentation on spore walls.

Zonate- having concentric bands or zones of color.