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We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following to the content of the Clinical Toxinology Resources website:

Adelaide Botanic Gardens, for allowing access to and use of their photos of poisonous plants.

We thank the following persons for allowing us to use their original photos and acknowledge their copyright:
Tom Oates* Rudiger Kratz* C. E. Vipin*  
Kurt Stüber* Stan Shebs* Others*  
Anneli Salo* Berndt Haynold*    
Joaquim Alves Gaspar* W. Lee Shatin*    
Andrew Dunn* Tau'olunga*    
'Naval Scene'* 'Haplochromis'*    

*Photos downloaded from Wikimedia Commons or other website are licensed for use under the Creative Commons licensing scheme, as shown in the caption to the image displayed on