CSL Antivenom Handbook

First Aid for Snakebite (in Australia)

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First Aid for Snakebite

• Keep the patient still and reassure them.

• Maintain vital functions, if imperilled (e.g. "ABC")

• Immediately apply a pressure immobilisation bandage.

• Try and maintain the patient as still as possible and bring transport to them.

• Always seek medical help at the earliest opportunity.

• If the snake has been killed, bring it with the patient, but do not waste time, risk further bites and delay application of pressure bandage and splint by trying to kill the snake.

• Do not wash the wound.

• Do not use a tourniquet.

• Do not cut or suck the wound.

• Do not give alcohol to the patient.

• Do not give food and only non-alcoholic clear fluids may be used for drinks.