CSL Antivenom Handbook

Australian Snakes and Snakebite

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Suggested Laboratory Tests for Snakebite Patients in Major Hospitals

Snake venom detection (CSL Kit) on bite site (or urine if there is systemic envenoming).

• Coagulation studies. Prothrombin time/INR and APTT and if these are prolonged do fibrinogen, fibrin(ogen) degradation products and possibly TCT (Thrombin Clotting Time).

• Complete blood picture (platelet count).

• Plasma/serum electrolytes and renal function (especially K+, creatinine and urea).

• CK.

• Urine (ward test=dipstix looking for blood=?myoglobin or ? true haematuria - microscopy required to look for red cells).

All tests should be performed on first presentation and at intervals thereafter, the frequency depending on the results and the patient's condition.