First aid for poisonous frogs unlikely to cause significant poisoning if the toxins are innoculated or ingested.

Skin contact:

Wash skin with water

Oral ingestion:

Irrigate mouth with copious amounts of water (do not swallow water). Providing there is no conscious state or other impairment that might render vomiting hazardous, through inhalation of vomitus, induction of vomiting may be useful in cases where several frogs have been ingested. Alternatively, consider absorption using activated charcoal.

While the major risk from poisoning by frog skin secretions is systemic toxicity, particularly cardiac toxicity, resulting in cardiac arrhythmias, altered blood pressure, cardiac failure or other related effects, or neurotoxicity, generally a flaccid (or possibly spastic) paralysis, which may extend to respiratory paralysis, on current evidence these effects are not likely to be caused by these frogs. Carefully observe for altered pulse rate or rhythm or signs of cardiac failure and support cardiac function, if possible. Specifically, if there is cardiac arrest, apply full external cardiorespiratory resuscitation. If there is flaccid or spastic paralysis, protect the airway. If there is respiratory paralysis, support respiration with expired air resuscitation.

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